Our Staff

Pastor Jerry Thomas

Pastor Jerry and his wife Joanne have had the privilege of leading Valley Christian Center of Anderson California since 2013. They have a great love for God and people and they have committed their lives to introducing people to a loving and compassionate heavenly Father. Firmly believing the Word of God will set us free and give us life more abundantly, Pastor Jerry delivers messages that connect and challenges the listener to live by Godly principles. Implementation of these proven principles set in motion the blessings of the Lord that will enrich anyone's life.

Having walked through the loss of several family members, including both of their spouses to cancer, has given them a greater love and compassion for people dealing with the struggles of life. In 2010 their mourning was turned to dancing as God brought them together and gave them a new beginning with an amazingly beautiful love.

Pastor Jerry and Joanne consider themselves richly blessed in their relationship with each other as well as with the loving and caring church family at Valley Christian Center. Be assured that the loving friendly people of this church will welcome you with open arms. We hope to see you soon and that you become a part of this community of believers.
Youth and Young Adult Leaders
 Dan and Kayla Moss

Dan and Kayla are an energetic couple that bring the gospel to the youth of Anderson. Involved in many youth ministries within the city and county. They are committed to helping all youth that enter the building, believing in the holy spirit to guide them to each person.

Through this ministry they are encouraged that:

These students continue in the emphases of biblical authority, responsibility and dedication to personal development that Sunday School emphasizes. However, as they take a significant step toward independence, they begin to learn the relative roles of parents, pastors and peers.

Jr. and Sr. High ministry teaches these students that they are still under the authority of their parents. God requires them to submit lovingly to their parents for His glory and their blessing.

Jr. and Sr. High ministry teaches these students that they are under the authority of the church as expressed in the Bible. After their parents, they have the privilege and responsibility of lovingly submitting to the church leadership and serving in the congregation. High school juniors and seniors can receive baptism, communion, church membership and church discipline subject to parental approval.

Jr. and Sr. High ministry teaches these students to reject peer pressure and exercise discernment in making friends. These students are taught to embrace friends who act in accordance with the Bible, parents and pastors and reject so-called friends who do not. 

Our Young Adult Ministry is growing not only with our young adults in our church but with the young adults in the community. Bringing a Bible Study to the group and each other growing in the word together.  This group meets weekly on Thursday at 6:30 pm at the home of Dan & Kayla.

Kids Zone Children's Ministry
(Terri Silva, Teacher - Maryann Dodge, Helper)

We at Valley Christian Center we have a huge value for kids, so Children's Ministry is a big priority to us.  Plus, kids are awesome, who doesn't love kids? 

Our many children volunteer leaders want our children to encounter the love of Jesus, be empowered to grow confidently in who Jesus created them to be, and know that they can make a profound impact in the world around them.  This is brought to them with stories, adventures, crafts and just plain fun atmosphere that are straight out of the Bible.  

Valley Christian Center has your child’s best interest in mind when it comes to safety and security. All of our volunteers are screened and background checked.


Our greeters are ready to greet you at the door and make sure you have a current bulletin and or calendar of events for the month (if it happens to fall at the beginning of the month). If you are a first time visitor, you will receive a small gift with a message from our Pastor Jerry, welcoming you to our church, we hope you feel at home!

   Chester Dodge & Steve Silva
Sound Room and Media

Sound of music to our soul.  Dan Moss brings the sounds into the room as well off site when necessary.  Dan is in charge of the Sound board Ministry, which includes keeping our microphones working and the sound in the building just right! He is also in charge of the Facebook Live media (which is still a work in progress).

The media room can project the words to the worship up on the screen to help our congregation to be able to sing along during worship.  This position plays a big role in Movie night as well.  The Media area is supervised by Terri Silva, and currently has one dedicated person Pinkie. The
Sound and Media room is always seeking other members of the church that would like to learn these systems.

Worship Time
(Leader - Kayla Moss)

If Christianity is the transformation of rebels into worshipers of God, then it is imperative for the Christian to know and understand what constitutes biblical worship. One may always consult Webster's Dictionary for the precise meaning of worship (adore, idolize, esteem worthy, reverence, homage, etc.). Yet truly defining worship proves more difficult because it is both an attitude and an act.

But this is not enough. Worship "in truth" connects the heart or spirit of worship with the truth about God and his work of redemption as revealed in the person of Jesus Christ and the Scriptures. David understood the importance of worshiping in truth and the necessary linkage between "truth" and the Word of God when he wrote, "Teach me your way, O Lord, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear [i.e., worship] your name" ( Psalm 86:11 ; cf. Psalm 145:18 ).


Women's Ministry

Women's Ministries is a time for women of all ages to get together and share not only the word of God, and prayer, but also their difficulties and concerns in life.  The women do projects and fundraisers to minister to the needs of the local church, community and to missionaries worldwide. (WM's break during the summer usually June-End of August)
             Ginny Melton


Honor Bound Men's Ministry

Men of promise building men of honor
3rd Saturday of each month at 9:00am
Honor Bound Men's ministries is a time when the men come together for food and fellowship. It is also a time of bonding and accountability with other men.  Honor Bound deals with issues that men face in everyday life.
           Tom Sanchez